Mecanil SG350 XD

XTRA Heavy duty grapplesaw without tilt

– Developed to be used on excavators.

The newest member in the Mecanil products family. This model is developed especially to be used on excavators. It is big and robust with a reinforced body and a patented new strong saw system.



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  • Fast and easy to use – increases productivity
  • Extra reinforced body for rigid mounting – excavator design
  • High pressure cylinder with double piston rod seals
  • High tensile wear resistant steel (400 HB)
  • Fitted with rotator attachment or excavator attachment (S50, S60, NTP-10 etc.)


Control system alternatives

  • 2 double-acting hydraulic lines, grapple open/close + saw out/in


Suitable base machines

  • Excavators
  • If you are considering installing this grapple saw on another base machine, please consult the Mecanil dealer.


Grapple claw alternatives

  • Universal grapple claws (with 7 claws)


Technical information

Model SG350 XD
Tilt function No
Collecting unit No
Grapple size 0,36 m2
Weight 1150 kg
Rec. working pressure 200-280 bar
Rec. oil flow rate 150-> l/min.
Opening of grapple 1700 mm
Control 4 hydr. lines
Cutting diameter, saw (36″) –> 820 mm