About Mecanil

Mecanil is the manufacturer of high-quality, safe and easy-to-use grapple saws and felling heads for the tree care and forest industry.

We have our own patented products such as energy heads, grapple saws, grapple saw units and wood grapples produced under the brand name Mecanil. The Mecanil product fam­ily includes equipment for all sorts of basic machines of various brands such as knuckleboom cranes, trucks, tractors, forestry machines and excavators. Our main marketarea is at the moment North America and Europe, but is continuously expanding.

We invest a lot in developing new products with technical solutions of high standard. The aspiration is to develop efficient and at the same time flexible machines and tools that protect the environment and nature. This es­pecially concerns work in parks, residential areas, forests and other sensitive areas.

Quality policy

Mecanil Oy Ab delivers products and services of high quality for present and new customers. Our main policy is satisfied customers with good economical result.
We accomplish this by:

  • Understanding the customers needs
  • Develop the range of products
  • Serve customers



Mecanil Oy Ab is a family company that was founded in year 1990 by the owners Christer and Ilse Nilsson.
The servicework began in 1988 home in the old workshop. We started to re-build forwarders to harvesters. The old workshop became too small and in the year 1995 began the building of a new modern workshop near Valtatie 6 in Liljendals´ industrial area. The new spaces made it possible to begin a servicecontract with Valmet Metsäkoneet Oy. From the year 1998 the cooperation expanded to service and sales of spare parts for Valtra agricultural tractors. Because of the constant expandation of the activities it became in year 2003 of high importance to expand with more manufacturing spaces. In 2008 Mecanil stated that the business more and more should concentrate on manufacturing and import/export. This brought the cooperation with Valtra to an end and the development of our own production line began. The production line has since then expanded and today Mecanil manufactures about 200 units per year.


Mecanil Oy Ab today

We are located close to lake Hopom in Liljendal

Mecanil year 1996