Mecanil 30 years

A lot has happened in 30 years. As the company has developed and grown we have got the opportunity to meet a lot of colleagues, professionals and business partners. Some of you have been there for a part of the journey and then continued on with projects of your own. Others have been there from the start, and some of you have become our very close friends.

Mecanil started out servicing machines and after some time rebuilding of machines was added to the effort. Today we produce and develop our own products for the tree felling and tree care industry. We plan everything in-house and produce the majority of the components in-house or via local subcontractors. Our products have gotten a warm welcoming and a strong foothold all around the world.
We will continue to work hard on developing and updating our products, always trying to find ways to improve and optimize.
Mecanil – Mastering tree care.