Mecanil for Telehandlers

Telehandlers are very versatile and cost effective machines and are widely used in agriculture and industry. This machine with its telescopic boom can be used with pallet forks, hooks, buckets, grabs among others and this makes the telehandler a truly universal piece of equipment.
Maybe you are looking to broaden the scope of use for your telehandler even more? The telehandler also works perfectly as a base machine in the tree removal business. With the telehandler equipped with the Mecanil grapple saw you have a safe and efficient machine for tree removal.


The grapple saw eliminates the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand. Aside from faster tree removal, the grapple saw saves you money, promotes safety, and alleviates the need for a tedious clean up.
While accidents can still occur in work sites, utilizing the proper tools and equipment can minimize their occurrence and severity. By using a grapple saw, you eliminate the need for a climber and the cost of hiring additional workers, and consequently prevent accidents and injuries that go hand in hand with tree climbing and removal.